I’ve had a number of times that students have asked me “What does XYZ mean”* so I thought I would bring together a list of all the abbreviations from the world of property investing so you can speak like a pro

(* Before you check XYZ is not a property abbreviation) 


ABB – www.airbnb.com 
AF – Angel Finance 
AIP – Application / Agreement in Principle
AML – Anti Money Laundering
AP – Adverse Possession

APR – Annual Percentage Rate
ARLA – Association of Residential Letting Agents
AS – Assisted Sale
ASHP – Air Source Heat Pump

AST – Assured Short Hold Tenancy
AT – Assured Tenancy (Agreement)


B2F – Buy to FlipBACS – Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services
BBL – Bounce Back Loan
BDC – www.booking.comBMRV – Below Mortgage Redemption Value
BMV – Below Market ValueBOE – Bank Of England

BRMV – Broad Rental Market Area
BRR – Buy Refurb Refinance 
BRRRR – Buy, Refurb, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat
BRRRRRRR – It’s Cold

BTL – Buy To Let
BTS – Buy To Sell


CBIL – Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan 
CDM – construction design and management regulations 2015
CGT – Capital Gains Tax
CH – Central Heating

CHAPS – Charter House Automated Payment System
CIL – Community Infrastructure Levy
CML – Council Mortgage Lenders
COCR – Cash On Cash Return

CP12 – Gas Safety Certificate (the name of the form)
CPO – Compulsory Purchase Order
CRM – Capital Repayment Mortgage
CT – Council Tax


DD – Due Diligence
DG – Double Glazing
DIP – Decision in Principle

DLA – Disability Living Allowance
DPC – Damp Proof Course
DPM – Damp Proof Membrane

DPS – Deposit Protection Service
DTV – Direct To Vendor
DUV – Done Up Value


EA – Estate Agent
EBITDA – Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. 
EDC – Exchange with Delayed Completion

EDMO – Empty Dwelling Management Order
EIA – Enviormantal Impact Assesssment 
EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report

EPC – Energy Performance Certificate
ERC – Early Repayment Charges


FCA – Financial Conduct Authority
FENSA – Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme
FF – Fully Furnished
FH – Freehold
FMV – Fair Market Value
FPS – Full Purchase Price
FR – Fixed Rate
FRI – Fully Repairing Insuring 
FTB – First Time Buyer
FURN – Furnished
FWT – Fair Wear & Tear


GCH – Gas Central Heating
GDN – Garden
GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation 
GDV – Gross Development Value
GF – Ground Floor
GFCH – Gas Fired Central Heating
GIA – Gross Internal AreaGP – Gross Profit
GR – Gross Return
GSC – Gas Safety Certificate
GSHP – Ground Source Heat Pump


HA – Housing Authority
HB – Housing Benefit
HHSRS – Housing Health and Safety Rating System
HMO – House of Multiple Occupancy
HMRC – Her Majisty’s Revenue & Customs
HoT – Heads Of Terms
HPI – House Price Index
HSE – Health and Safety Executive
HVAC – Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning


IFA – Independent Financial Advisor
IHT – Inheritance Tax
IO – Interest only
IRI – Internally Repairing Insuring (Type of Lease)
IRR – Internal Rate Of Return


JV – Joint Venture
JVP – Joint Venture Partner


KFI – Key Financial Information
KYC – Know Your Client


LBC – Listed Building Consent
LH – Leasehold
LHA – Local Housing Allowance
LIBOR – London Interbank Offered Rate
LL – Landlord
LLP – Limited Liability Partnership
LNPG – Landlord’s National Purchasing Group
LO – Lease Option
LPA – Lasting Power of Attorney
LTB/L2B – Lease to Buy
LTD – Limited Company 
LTL/L2L – Lease to Let (Same as R2R)
LTV – Loan To Value


MEES – Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards
MIP – Mortgage In Principle
MMR Mortgage Market Review
MV – Market Value
MVHR – Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery


NaCSBA – National Custom and Self Build Association
NAEA – National Association of Estate Agents
NALS – National Association of Letting Agents
NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement 
NHBC – National House Building Council Scheme
NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard
NLA – National Landlords Association
NMD – No Money Down
NMLI – No Money Left In
NP – Net Profit
NPPF – National Planning Policy Framework
NPPG – National Planning Practice Guidance
NR – Net Return
NSBRC – National Self Build and Renovation Centre


OCH – Oil Central Heating
OIEO – Offers In Excess Of
OIRO – Offers In the Region Of
OMV – Open Market Value
OO – Owner Occupier
OPM – Other People’s Money: Using other people’s money to purchase property
OPP – Outlined Planning Permission
OTA – Online Travel Agent
OTO – Open To Offers


PA – Per Annum
PA – Prior Approval
PAT – Portable Applicance Testing
PCM – Per Calendar Month
PD – Permitted Development 
PG – Personal Guarantee 
PG – Planning Gain 
PM – Project Manager
POA – Power Of Attorney 
POA – Price On Application
PP – Planning Permission
PP – Purchase Price
PPR – Prinicipal Private Residence
PRS – Private Rent Sector
PRS – Property Redress Scheme
PT – Part Furnished
PV- Solar Panel (photovoltaic)
PW – Per Week


QS Quantity Surveyor


R2R – Rent to Rent 
R2SA – Rent To Service Accommodation
REIT – Real Estate Investment Trust
RICS – Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
ROCE – Return on Capital Employed
ROCI – Return on Capital Invested
ROE – Return On Equity
ROI – Return On Investment
ROR – Rate of Return
RP – Registered Provider 
RPI – Retail Price Index
RSL – Registered Social Landlord
RTB – Right To Buy
RTM – Right To Manage


SA – Serviced Accommodation 
SA – Supported Accommodation 
SARB/SRB – Sale and Rent Back (can’t be done now)
SASS – Small Self Administered Scheme
SDLT – Stamp Duty Land Tax
SFO – Serious Fraud Office
SL – Supported Living
SO – Standing Order
SRA – Solicitor’s Regulation Authority 
SSIP – Self Invested Personal Pension
SSTC – Sold Subject To Contract
STPP – Subject To Planning Permission 
STS – Subject To SurveySV – Surveyor Valuation
SVR – Standard Variable Rate – Mortgage


TB – Tenant Buyer
TDS – The Deposit Service
TOGC- Transfer of Going Concern
TPO – The Property Ombudsman
TPO – Tree Preservation Order 
TS – Title Split


UF – Unfurnished


VC – Venture Capital 
VF – Vendor Finance 
VOA – Vulation Office Authority 
VP – Vacant Possession