Adding a Property to – 27 Point Quickstart

When you have completed our full training programme or not, you’ll be keen to get your Serviced Accommodation unit out there ASAP.

This is something you will want to play around with as soon as possible in advance of getting your property live, just so you can hit the ground running.

So here is a quickstart, step-by-step guide to making your property ‘live and out there’.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on: ‘Add new property’, then give the property a name.
  3. Fill in the relevant details
  4. Click on: ‘Build your property’
  5. Add some basic information – such as ‘number of apartments’
  6. Do you own multiple apartments – click no/yes
  7. Put in the full address of your property
  8. Add all relevant contact details
  9. Scroll to the map – then use your powers of concentration (and geographical knowledge!) to correctly place the pin.
  10. Click ‘continue’
  11. Select your preferred check in/out times. 3pm and 11am are generally accepted and adhered to.
  12. Answer supplementary questions on the property (Availability and location of Wi-Fi hub, availability of parking, whether or not you provide breakfast, are you pet friendly etc)
  13. Select any activities that may be on site (this one of more for owners of hotels and larger establishments but that might be your end game!
  14. Fill in details about number of bedrooms/bathrooms etc
  15. Add what kind of beds (King, Queen etc) are in each bedroom and the number of guests that can sleep in the beds. Tread carefully here as other people’s sensibilities and sensitivities may not match your own.
adding a property to

16. Fill in details about all the other rooms in your apartment
17. Provide information about sofa beds, futons, cots etc.
18. This is the big one. Fill in your base price per night per Serviced Accommodation unit
19. Add in your variable price options for more than one person etc (where relevant)
20. Add in the room sizes (this can be an estimate)
21. Fill in the selling points of every room – for example, Smart Television, Echo Dot and other services you may want to provide
22. Your most important selling point. Add your professionally-take photos via drag and drop or upload
23. Fill in payment options for your guests, prepayment and cancellation policies, minimum stay, security deposit, additional fees and charges, taxes (where relevant), commission payments, invoice details, bank details for direct debit (this is how will take their commissions).
24. Agreement page – check everything over fully, read it three times to make sure you’re totally comfortable. Tick terms and conditions etc have all been read, tick it is a SA property

Job done will now review and approve your SA unit

Wait for the bookings to fly in

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