How Paul went from zero to a landlord of 54 properties in 1 year!

I know what you’re after, no matter where you are currently – it’s more – more money, more time, more freedom, more pension, more retirement.

So you’re thinking, it’s ok for him with the qualifications and experience and black book of contacts. None of that is true!

I left school with only 1 GCSE and although I was a hard work, I bounced around jobs, I ended up working at a hospital in Newcastle doing maintenance and doing all the hours I could to pay off crippling debt that I had from a previously failed business. I built up a small pot of cash and then decided to buy properties (my full story is in my book which you can get free here) I thought I’d get a few maybe, one day, I’d maybe, get to 10 properties!

Well I got there is a matter of months and then I ran out off cash and through learning strategies that other are not using, I was able to continue buying and build my portfolio long past what I thought possible.

Now you might be thinking, I don’t want a property empire, I want to make enough to cover my bills or add to my pension; well you’re in a great place to get there without the fuss and without the heartache or struggle that many investors go through when they start out or are wanting to get to the next stage.

Read the blog, join our facebook group and immerse yourself in what you can achieve as I myself as well as the many, many students have done too.

Here’s to meeting in real life and talking property, investing and success!

Best Wishes

What We Stand For

We want to de-centralise the property investing opportunities away from the ‘elite’ and make the knowledge available to everyone. By doing so we can bring prosperity to the live thousands 

We will help 100,000 people directly or indirectly to have financial opportunities open to them that were previously closed. 

We want to not only help this generation but the generations after and the ones after that too. We are not looking to make riches, but true wealth and will continue for others to aspire to. 

  • We will be open and honest about property, investing and wealth creation 
  • We will collaborate with others in property investing with similar values to improve investing for all
  • We will nurture our client base in the latest modern entrepreneurial strategies to maximise the returns 
  • We will empower landlords to provide safe, secure housing that the end user wants to call home

We wish to be a shining light of proactive, ethical training on investing in property, wealth creation and the benefits to a students life, their family, the wider community and society in general that success bring about improvements 

About our name

The Property Trainer name came about by understanding what we are about.

Property – well we love property, we love what property allows us to do and we wanted to share that with others.

Trainer – this comes from sport; a trainer is someone who not only educates but also puts it into practise and make it work in the real world. They give guidance and support and they have already done what teaching.