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First of all, I would like you to immediately dismiss the idea that property is complicated, or hard, or you need some exceptional skills that only a few possess; or even worse that you are born with it.

I want you to discard these myths once and for all.

You do not need to come into property with any exceptional skills other than an open mind and a willingness to learn.

You will find that property is a relatively uncomplicated way to make money and change your life. Property is a straightforward process in as much that the complicated work is automatically done by solicitors and mortgage brokers. The really technical ‘stuff’ goes on in the background, so you are left with the pleasant money-making tasks of finding your properties, getting them for the best price and then finding even more. Rinse and repeat.

I’m not for a minute suggesting that property will not test you, stretch you or give you a curve ball every now and again - but it sure beats working for a living!

About Me.

You’re sick of your job, you want more or you just want to build your portfolio big enough so you don’t need to work so bleeding hard. 

Well that was me, my name is Paul Baldry, and I was in a sales job that I hated and wanted more. I really thought my life would turn out better than the reality. 

So I needed a change, when it came up I said, “YES!”

It didn’t matter what it was, it was a way to jump out of the job I hated and took a chance. 

So off to London I went, installing computer networks – a Data Engineer – yeah really. I thought you needed qualifications and experience and all the jazz – it was the guy had been banned and needed someone who could drive and I learnt the job.

Up and down the country I went and enjoyed every minute of it, making more money than I thought possible and really not knowing how I got into it all. It opened my mind to what was possible and what I would do next. 

Property Time

I had always wanted to ‘do property’, I almost bought a rental property while still at college, but I thought it was for the 'real' business people, the stinking-rich, money-bags types of the world. 

Long story short, it took another 8 years to get on and do it (there wasn’t any training or mentors to keep me accountable back then) but when I jumped in, I jumped in with both feet. 

I ended up buying 54 properties in my very first year

After a busy year I ended up buying a car, a Porsche convertible (with a carrier bag of cash) and decided to retire 13 months after starting

I was 29, and again had no plan other than getting a tan over the summer driving around with the roof down!

Fast forward, 10 years…plus a few, I now spend 3 months abroad; have 5 children, a beautiful wife and a dog (the kids begged, but she’s now mine and I’m not letting go)

So no matter where you are, what you’ve done, what you want out of life – you can do it.

Just say “YES”!

About Me

So why should you read this blog? What makes this Paul guy so special? 

Well there's nothing special about me, but I've bought, sold and control a few properties in my time and hopefully can share that insight with you.

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